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Vecna by juliedillon Vecna by juliedillon
Here's one more piece I did for the D&D sourcebook "Open Grave—Secrets of the Undead book" a few months ago; this time, of Vecna the "Lich-King." :)

© Hasbro (Wizards of the Coast).
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LivingArtifact Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015
Nice picture of Vecna, this I have no doubt.
Solx93 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Gotta say I had little idea what this guy was doing until I read about his hand and eye, and then his part of the Open Grave book. Can't say he aren't cool, cause that would be a damn big lie!!!
irrenderNarr42 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
so this is the D&D4 version of vecna ...different from the one in the book of vile darkness, but cool.
WunderbarVecna Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2010   Writer
I LOVE THIS. [link]
Ratattackart Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010
nicholi88 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2009
I miss Nerull. Vecna is a lesser deity, Nerull has been there since the creation of the pantheon ( a greater deity). Guess that doesn't make him good enough to be left in the game though. God I hate 4.0. Kick ass Vecna though man.
KarolineDianne Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2009
Loving the ghostly hand and eye. Interesting take on the whole 'hand and eye of Vecna' thing.

Great work. ^^
Alehhandro Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
you know...? if you spell Vecna just like that in russian you'll get The time of the jear "spring"

kinda ironic for a undead to have such a name...

like that piece a lot
XUnlimited Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
When I Typed "Vecna" in the seach bar, I never hoped to see this pic. Vecna is my favorite villain in the game.
Xemnas666 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2009
... I want that book but i am broke >.< oh well i envy you for getting to do an illustration like that cool pic :clap:
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Most excellent take on the guy.
gensanity Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Hubby-N-Dad Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2009
you've rendered me speechless... although I think I know a ranger/druid combo who could take him...

LisaGorska Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
you know, "vec(h)na" means "eternal" in my language... :) appropriate by coincidence ;P
gaile Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Ahh... beautifully drawn. *_* I'm in awe of your talent!
EverythingIsGold Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2009
I think you are one of the best artists on here. I especially liked the Good Omens portraits of Aziraphale and Adam, as well as and especially piece with the angel trying to rescue the demon. No offense is meant - the technique in this one is great, but I've just worked out who he reminds me of: Ming the Merciless from that old movie. At any second I feel that Freddie Mercury is going to shout "FLASH! Aa-aaaah!"

I think it's the eyebrows! You don't see them on skeletons very often. ;) :)
NoahW Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Fantastic, I absolutely love necromancy characters!
May I ask, How did you get involved doing work for wizards?
I would love to do fantasy work but have no idea how to get in...
juliedillon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
There is an "artist submission" page on the WotC website. :) It took me about a year and a half of submitting my portfolio (in six month intervals) to get work from them. X)
NoahW Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Holy crapoly, what format did you send it in?
Did you send them to your DA gallery?
juliedillon Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009
They have instructions on the site. :) I sent them a link to my actual portfolio at [link]. :) It's probably best not to send a DA gallery. It looks more professional if you have an actual website that is easy for them to navigate. For art portfolio sites, simple and clean is best, don't worry about any crazy Flash or anything like that. You want art directors to be able to get to you work quickly and easily. :)
NoahW Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
awesome, thanks for all the help you've been very informative,
and once again your artwork is absolutely fantastic and
I hope you do well on all furure projects.
MrNefarious Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009   Digital Artist
very cool.
MisterAlways Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
I love his cape!
thesunshotme Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Horrific... Excellent!
SleepDepJoel Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
This was one of the first entries I read after buying OG. I like how you used spectral colors to indicate his "missing" body parts.
Kahiro-Suzuki Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
If you read "vecna" on russian it means spring! XDDD =D
ShadowFoxxx Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
He looks like a necromancer! :clap:
indra13 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
Oh! I play D&D and he is terrorific!...I love it.
NeterG Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
Sadly I can’t say I price this pic.
Vecna is supposed to be something like the “big bad evil guy” of Dungeons and Dragons. A mortal who turn into the most forbidden powers, is enemy of almost all the characters of D&D and declare war to all the other gods to take the world for himself. He is also a very special god related to secret and forgotten dark knowledge.
But for some reason, most incarnation of him shows him just as a run of the mill lich… Sorry to criticize but, to me, this pic could be about “Bob the Lich”. Vecna is a dark wizard, who is also a lich, an evil god, AND a complete mad one despised by all the others… I think he should look somehow special…
But maybe is just me… not even Wayne Reynolds’s depiction avoids looking like just another lich to me…
juliedillon Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
I just drew him the way they asked me to, sorry. X)
NeterG Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2009
Haha! No problem! I wasn’t complaining about your work but about most author’s lack of imagination. Sorry if I was harsh…
XxSushiNekoxX Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
*shivers* This guy gives me the creeps... I think you did a really good job on this! I love how closely he looks to his victims underfoot, as if he's really not all that close to death himself, but that self-satisfied expression he wears tells otherwise. The body language is great, and I think the overall effect is wonderful.

Brilliant work, as usual! :D
ADHadh Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009  Student Filmographer
Wow, now that's an interesting approach! I've always portrayed Vecna as a gray-haired skullhead, but this one looks more like a guy that's likely to mock someone, and that would be his thing I guess.
ursulav Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
*insert obligatory Head of Vecna joke here*

Sorry! Can't resist! So very sorry!
NeterG Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
I wonder if you can take all the “;parts of Vecna” and just make another Vecna…
steveyoungsculptor Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
that is one light weight cool looking badie!:)
Lurks-no-More Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
Excellent pic!
LeoMenardo Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009   Artisan Crafter
It's perfect.
Best Vecna ever.
As soon as I saw this at Open Grave I started searching for who made it!
And it made me twice as happy to see that you also like my favorite banda, Sonata! hahaha
I'm looking foward for your future works!
Good Luck!
mouse2cat Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
Hey man, what you doin' over there

Just preaching on my pile of skulls. monocle is wicked

sure is...
zemotion Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Professional Photographer
thyghostboy Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Professional General Artist
ahh... this is amazing. =]]
wonderfuly done.
HoushouRattengod Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Vecna = The Purest Evil God Ever (NE)

BlueShaine Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic work, Julie! Congratulations for doing what you love for a working living!
eyepatchalex Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
That face has so much character! Love it!
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
o he's pretty, how 'bout a kiss ;P
surthur Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
his face looks so unusual happy and.. somewhat nice. I like that unusual vibe next to the other elements :) lovely style
kaltblut Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Professional General Artist
Great work! I love your style!!!

driany Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
OOOH MY GOD!! the guy of the vecna's hand?? XD

OOH that's SOOO OLD!!!
IntricateVision Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009   Digital Artist
what a crazy face he has, and he's smirking too! I like the fabric flowing off into the wind, I think it's very successful and adds a nice flow to whole piece.
TheSleeperAwakes Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
love the sneer on his face!
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