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January 25, 2013
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Scorpio - Llewellyn Worldwide by juliedillon Scorpio - Llewellyn Worldwide by juliedillon
Here is the next image in the series I did last year for the Llewellyn Worldwide 2014 Astrology Calendar. :)

Scorpio: October 23 - November 21. Fixed Water sign. Colors: deep red, royal blue, black. Intensely emotional, curious, intuitive, passionate, possessive, powerful, determined. Frequently associated with sexuality, the desire to merge with another, and to find fulfillment/completion with a partner or “other half.” Worries about how to make their needs met by other people; wants to receive rather than give. Emotions are incredibly intense, but often hidden beneath the surface. Associated with deep waters filled with secrets, transformation, the Underworld, repressed or hidden emotions. Scorpios have the passion and determination to get whatever they want done. In my illustration, I have Scorpio standing in a pool of still water in a cenote, holding her partner possessively but revealing little of her emotions in her face. (One of their associated stones is selenite, so I put a bunch of selenite crystal formations in the cave because it’s pretty :B also I love that the AD let me get away with putting the Scorpio symbol on the dude’s lower back, haha.)

You can preorder the calendar if you like, or just check out the rest of Llewellyn Worldwide's offerings at
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I'm a Scorpio and Wow, this is gorgeous! I love how you used the selenite, since its associated with Scorpio, as i read the description :D
buttonsthirdeye Jan 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Mezmere Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is SO extremely gorgeous. I'm loving that dress and tattoo, and entire atmosphere.
tokiratokia Nov 25, 2013  Student General Artist
so sexy and wonderful!!!!!
I love this :)the shading is also brilliant
and your skill with skin tone it admirable :)
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The guy has a very lovely back and the woman is very pretty, too.
Love,love,love this. As a Scorpio let me say I think this is a gorgeous, well thought out representation of our sign. Can't stop looking at it.
Do you still use your Facebook fan page? You haven't posted there in a while.
I'm sorry. X) I stopped using facebook in general, it just makes me uncomfortable and I don't like using it. I mostly put updates on my twitter, main website, or here on my dA page. I might go back to putting updates regularly on that facebook page, since it does seem like a lot of people have visited it, despite the lack of updates :/ 
Well yeah...people love your spectacular art so why wouldn't they continue to visit the page to look for more? LOL

Just update your Facebook fanpage for the fans...filter out the other stuff that makes you nauseous. :)
But I put all the updates here and on my website, which are both more suited for displaying art. If people want to see new art, they can follow the sites that I update.
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